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Latest Plugins

Prism color palette generator

Prism creates a beautiful artboard color palette with all your 'Document Colors' and their respective color label in a variety of formats. [maxbutton id="3" url=""]

Golden Ratio Typography

This Sketch typography plugin will set the perfect line height based on font size and width. By Lorenz Wöhr. [maxbutton id="3" url=""]

Latest Resources

Gmail desktop UI

A recreation of the Gmail UI in Sketch by Gergely Szabo. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

Google Design Freebies

Johny vino created this recreation of the great onboarding illustrations by Google [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

Flat iPhone 7 Sketch Mockup

iPhone 7 Sketch Mockup in black and white versions by Oleg Pirogov. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

Sketch Browser Mockup

A simple browser mockup in Sketch to showcase designs or UI Details on a page. By Benjamin Hartung. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

130 free icons for sketch

Han Wang created this set of free icons in Sketch. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

iOS 10 Icon Template for Sketch

A free iOS 10 Icon Template for Sketch created by Panagiotis. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

Facebook Live Sketch Freebie

Joe Pascavage created this Facebook Live sketch template for anyone to use. [maxbutton id="2" url=""]

Sketch News
Sketch Version History

Sketch Version History

Version history Sketch is constantly improving. Check the list below to see what we’ve added in the major updates since we launched version 3.0. New in Sketch 40.3 Fixes a bug where using complex documents could crash Sketch on OS X Yosemite (10.10) New in Sketch 40.2...

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    • Fourth of July Weekend IncentivesIn order for our sales team to meet their quota for the month, I was tasked with aiding their sales by creating some eye-cathing incentive banners.Below are a few examples of what I was able to come u
    • SpaceChatterConcept ProjectHave you ever heard of RainyCafe? It’s a simple service website that does one thing very well: provide ambient sounds of rain, a noisy cafe, or both.Those sounds activate what is called
    • How to handoff Sketch Artboards and assets to developers — no matter their OSCurrently, the Sketch app only runs on macOS. There is no tool to my knowledge which would allow you to edit a Sketch design on Windows or Linux.However… when it comes to developers, they don’t really
    • What I learned with a messy Sketch projectFor one week I read articles, tips and notes, I saw videos, photos and gifs, I downloaded plugins and more plugins, always trying to achieve one thing: a well organized Sketch Document. And I failed.
    • Abstract Design with SketchExperimentalIf you’re a graphic designer who takes their work very seriously, you probably won’t end up using Sketch as a means to create conceptual design or artwork. You’re probably just like me and